Career after 12th Science

Traditionally, the Science stream is a trendy choice for the students, as it offers many exciting and lucrative jobs in the future. As a science stream students, you can get the scope of a systematic study of natural occurrences through observation, theoretical education as well as application study and experimentation.

How to pick the right subject group in Science stream?

Picking the right subject group for 11th and 12th Science stream students is very important. To pick the right subject combination, you must keep things in your mind:
Interest, Strengths, and Weaknesses

What are the scopes of further studies in Science stream?

1) Engineering: Engineering is probably the most popular career choice for science stream students. Every year almost 11 lakh students from science stream appear for JEE, which proves the importance and popularity of this career option. The top engineering disciplines include:
a) Mechanical Engineering
b) Electrical Engineering
c) Civil Engineering
d) Chemical Engineering
e) Computer Science Engineering

2) Bachelor Degree course for Mathematics group: If engineering is not your choice, then you can go for a regular three-year bachelor degree program which is offered by several universities across the country. Some popular bachelor level courses with Math group students are:
a) B.Sc IT
b) B.Sc Computer Science
c) B.Sc Chemistry
d) B.Sc Mathematics
e) B.Sc Physics
f) B.Sc Hotel Management
g) B.Sc Nautical Science
h) B.Sc Electronics
i) B.Sc Electronics and Communication

3) Medical: Medical or medicine is also a vital career option for science stream students. At the graduate level, students can choose the MBBS course, which is the most popular medical course. You can choose any other medical course like:
a) BDS (Dental)
b) BAMS (Ayurveda)
c) BHMS (Homoeopathy)
d) B.Pharm (Pharmacy)
e) BPT (Physiotherapy)
f) BUMS (Unani Medicine)
g) BASLP (Audiology and Speech-Language Therapy)

4) Bachelor Degree course for Medical Group Students: Students, who are not interested in going MBBS or medical specializations can choose other degree levels program associated with medical group students. The courses are given below:
a) B.Sc Biochemistry
b) B.Sc Biology
c) B.Sc Environmental Science
d) B.Sc Biotechnology
e) B.Sc Nursing
f) B.Sc Occupational Therapy
g) B.Sc Physiotherapy
h) B.Sc Radiology
i) B.Sc Bioinformatics
j) B.Sc Anthropology
k) B.Sc Microbiology
l) B.Sc Zoology
m) B.Sc Forensic Science
n) B.Sc Agriculture
o) B.Sc Pathology

5) Business: Business and management have a great career opportunity for students who take science in high school. There are several graduate-level courses:
1) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
2) Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
3) Bachelor of Business Management (BMM)
4) Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
5) Integrated BBA+MBA Programs (5 years)

6) Law: Law is another course option that is available for the science stream students after class 12. Students can take up integrated courses at the graduate level. The popular course options include:
1) B.Sc+LLB
2) B.Tech+LLB
3) B.Com+LLB

I am giving you all the detail information about career options after class 12 science students. I think this will be beneficial to all of you.