Career in Doctoral Studies

Traditionally it is said that Ph.D. is a systematic study to become a university professor. But this concept is changed drastically. Nowadays, this is partly true. At present, Ph.D. candidates are working in the field of writing, research, investment banking, law, and many more.

The future of Ph.D. graduates in Academia
Academia has become the first choice of Ph.D. graduates due to the freedom in working and lucrative salary packages. Also, there is a chance for Ph.D. holders to work in other countries. Overall you must have superior analytical skills and the ability to solve complex problems.
You should have considered the following things before getting the first job
1) Be practical about your career and set your achievable ambitions
2) Keep in mind that you and your colleague will be treated equally in organizations
3) Know the keywords and buzz where you want to go
4) Update yourself with the key market trends
5) You might be paid less than you expected after doing ph.D. In that case, accept the fact and carry on

What can be the career choices after a Ph.D.?

From the financial sector to the public sector, PhDs are found everywhere. Here I am trying to give you some of the popular Ph.D. specializations along with job sectors.
1) Ph.D. in English Literature – College Professor
2) Ph.D. in Linguistics – Public industry and science communication
3) Ph.D. in Pharmacy – Medical research centers
4) Ph.D. in Chemistry – Analyst in Chemical research centers and laboratories
5) Ph.D. in Geology – Head of the service in Geological centers
6) Ph.D. in Law – Advisory positions in Government sectors
7) Ph.D. in Biology – Science Writing
8) Ph.D. in Nutrition – Scientific Advisor
9) Ph.D. in Biochemistry – Patent Lawyer
10) Ph.D. in Molecular Biology – Medical research and development centers