Career After Study Abroad

Have you dreamed of studying abroad? Sometimes you wonder which university is the best for study? Is it Oxford University? Is it Cambridge University? Is it MIT or any other renowned University? There is no doubt, in India, there are so many famous and well-known universities and colleges. Now the choice is yours. And one more thing suppose you just missed IIT-JEE cutoff or didn’t crack CAT entrance, you have one more chance to explore yourself in abroad. I am not telling you that Abroad education is accessible, and you can easily crack the entrance. But you must try it. It may turn your dream into reality.

Why Study Abroad or outside India?

Every year many Indian students applying to foreign universities for admission has been increasing steadily. It may be at graduation or post-graduation or a higher level. Many people say this as “brain drain,” or others also say the advantages of top colleges and universities abroad.

What are the advantages of Studying Abroad?

I am discussing the points why you want to study abroad? I am not debating elaborately because whatever the points are, candidates can easily understand the inner meaning. There is no reason to discuss the detail.
1) Ease of Admission
2) Pool of Options
3) Quality of Education
4) Better Research Opportunities
5) Good Jobs & Career Prospects
6) Emigration

What are the top study abroad destinations for Indian Students?

1) USA: The United States of America or the USA is the top study abroad destination for international students. India is no different in this case. With Ivy League colleges and universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and MIT attracting global talent. That’s the USA is the most preferred destination
Top Courses in USA
1) Business and Management Studies
2) Engineering
3) Mathematics & Computer Sciences
4) Social Sciences
5) Physical & Life Sciences

2) Canada: Canada is the second most preferred study abroad destination for Indians. Quality of education, affordable cost, and a safe and multicultural environment are the critical factors of Canada as an education hub for the Indian students
Top Courses in Canada
1) Business/Management Studies
2) Computer Sciences
3) Medical/Life Sciences
4) Hospitality/Hotel Management
5) Liberal Arts

3) Germany: Traditionally, the UK was the most preferred destination in Europe. But Germany has acquired this position step by step.
Top Courses in Germany
1) Engineering
2) Business/Management Studies
3) Arts/Humanities
4) Mathematics & Computer Science
5) Fine & Applied Arts

4) Australia: Australia is equally the most preferred destination for abroad education. Australia is also famous for various vocational programs and doctoral guidance
Top Courses in Australia
1) Business/Management Studies
2) Engineering
3) Mathematics & Computer Science
4) Medical/Health Studies
5) Social Sciences

5) Singapore: Singapore is the abroad study destination in Southeast Asia concerned. It is also an important business center for MNCs.
Top Courses in Singapore
1) Business/Management Studies
2) Banking & Finance
3) Engineering
4) Computer Sciences
5) Law/Legal Studies

6) New Zealand: New Zealand is the small island nation next to Australia. Out of the total 500 universities in the world, eight universities are from New Zealand. New Zealand also has 20 institutes of technology and polytechnics institutes.
Top Courses in New Zealand
1) Business/Management Studies
2) Engineering
3) Social Sciences
4) Physical & Life Sciences
5) Mathematics & Computer Sciences

7) UK: The United Kingdom is always the most preferred study destination for Indian students. Oxford University and Cambridge University are situated in the UK. The education system in the UK is also quite similar to India.
Top Courses in the UK
1) Business/Management Studies
2) Engineering
3) Social Sciences
4) Physical & Life Sciences
5) Fine & Applied Arts

How to choose the right Study Abroad course or college?

Choosing the college or any excellent course is depends on some factors which are discussed below:
1) Language/Medium of Study
2) Course Availability
3) Cost of Education
4) Application Process

What are the Prerequisite Exams for studying abroad?

After planning and deciding to go to an international study, you have to clear different types of exams depends on the kind of admission. I am going to discuss the tests are
1) IELTS: The International English Language Testing System is the test to know the language skills of the students. US, UK, New Zealand, Canada accept IELTS scores
2) TOEFL: Test of English Language as a Foreign Language is the test to evaluate the English speaking ability and understanding. Over 9,000+ institutions accept TOEFL scores
3) GRE: Graduate Record Examination is popularly known as the GRE Test is a standardized entrance test taken by several and reputed B-schools, universities across the globe. The GRE is conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS)
4) GMAT: GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test is a globally accepted MBA entrance examination
5) SAT: Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized test in foreign universities. SAT exam is a mandatory requirement for seeking admission to the undergraduate program
6) ACT: The American College Test is a standardized test for applying to American colleges.
7) CAE: The Cambridge English Advanced Test is a standardized English proficiency test that assesses all language skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
8) LSAT: Law School Admission Test is a significant standardized test for students who are seeking admission in Law education in the USA, Canada, and many other countries. This test is managed and administered by Law School Admission Council (LSAC)