What after Class 10?

After passing out of class 10, the students are very commonly thinking, What do I do after grade 10? which stream should be suited for me? Should I go for commerce with Math? My parents want to take up Science, but I have an interest in Humanities. We provide you all the answers to these questions.

The Most Important Decision of life: After passing the board exam or passing class 10 what should be your further study, is the most crucial decision of life. If you are not clear with your next step, you must need a guide. Be calm and try to carefully understand yourself of which you like and what is your interest area. Then choose your subject.

What are the various career options after class 10?

1) Science and after class 12: Most of the students want to take science after level 10. It is a prevalent scenario because there is a lot of opportunity from a science background after 12. Typically Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics with a few electives like Computer Science, IT, and Electronics are common subjects in HS level. After that, if you are interested in Medical, then you can pick Physics+Chemistry+Mathematics+Biology subjects combination. If you wish to go to Engineering, then you can pick up the subjects combination of Physics+Chemistry+Mathematics as a core subject.
2) Commerce and after class 12: In Commerce, You will have topics such as Business Economics, Accountancy, Business Study, and Business Law are your core subjects. You will also get foundational training in accounting, auditing, income tax, etc. as part of the commerce stream. You can lead some of the most lucrative jobs such as Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Accountants, Investment Banking and Financial Advisor
3) Arts and after class 12: Arts is the least preferred option among class 10 students. But this conception is changing with time. Today Arts have an ample number of career scopes. An Arts student can choose career options like Journalism, Literature, Social Work, Teaching, and many others. There are many subjects in the arts, which include sociology, history, literature, psychology, political science, philosophy, economics, etc.

How to pick the Right Career Option?

To pick up the right career, you must keep in your mind the following things:
1) Assess Interests & Passion
2) Analyze your Strengths & Weaknesses
3) Identify the Right Career Choice
4) Seek Help from Others