How to ready for IIT JEE

Be One step ahead for IIT JEE: The IIT JEE is a standardized test in India for the Admission of Engineering all over India. It has two parts.JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The advanced program is for certain selective programs. Whatever you are doing, you have to go through thoroughly the whole syllabus to gain a good score.

Do you know the structure of the Main Exam?

Structure of the exam: The JEE main consists of 90 multiple-choice questions. The exam comprises of three sections. They are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. Each section contains 30 questions. All sections are weighted equally. If you answer correctly four points are awarded. For each incorrect answer, one point is deducted. There is no gain or loss if unanswered any question.

There are some factors needed to keep your mind. Do you know the factors?

Proper planning: Whatever you do proper planning is important to do that. A good planning strategy will keep you focused all the time and you can gain better scores. If you get success then you will understand that it was right. If not then you have to analyze what went wrong.
Time Management: It is a very crucial issue for IIT JEE candidates. It is important to give proper importance to all the three subjects time schedule.
Revise while you plan: Revision is the main thing of JEE preparation. If you revise on daily basis more perfection of the topic on hand. It is important to revise your syllabus rather than new learning.
Study from the right books: You must choose good study materials. Because good study materials are very important for qualifying. Switching from one book to another for the same subject will also harm your preparation.

What are those things you need to know about IIT JEE?

1)National Testing Agency is the conducting body for the computer-based test
2)Admissions to NITs, IIITs, GFTIs, and other universities are through JEE Main.
3)The application process is online and the test is held in multiple sessions across the country.
4)About 12 lakh students appear for JEE Main every year.

How to prepare for JEE Main-stages of preparation?

1)Know your JEE Main syllabus.
2)Understand the exam pattern of JEE Main
3)Make the JEE Main preparation plan.
4)Books for reference
5)Practice till you are perfect using mock tests and previous year papers
6)Exam Day Strategy

How you segregate your exam plan?

The first step is someone is preparing for IIT JEE besides Board exam of Class 11 and 12.Secondly IIT JEE must be divided into easy, tough and very tough.

What should you cover the important topics for IIT JEE?

Physics: Mechanics and Electrodynamics are the most important topics but one should devote time to Heat, Thermodynamics, Optics and Modern Physics.
Chemistry: General principles of Organic Chemistry are easy. Numericals of Physical Chemistry is scoring. Inorganic Chemistry has many facts and figures. So you need constant revision.
Mathematics: Coordinate geometry and Vectors can help to solve problems related to complex numbers. Permutation and Combinations help you to solve problems of Probability. Trigonometry and Calculus again help one to solve all types of problems.

Do you know the top colleges that have higher seats in IIT JEE?


What are IIT JEE Main and Advanced career?

The Exam is conducted in 3 phases.Main,Advanced,Architecture Aptitude Test(AAT)

What are those things you need to avoid while preparing IIT JEE?

1)Postponing and backlogs: Always try to finish your work and assignments on time. It is a good habit and it helps you to achieve your goal. You must clear your doubts as soon as possible.
2)Excessive TV/Social media/Video games: You should see TV and play video games for your relaxation. But be careful it must not be out of limit.
3)Reading too many books: Always quality is a matter more than quantity. Reading too many books is not a good solution to score better. You must aware every day what is actually in your syllabus and try to get better on that every day.
4)Only mugging and not understanding concepts: Always try to understand what actually you take off every day. Not just mugging the syllabus.
5)Don’t get depressed due to low scores in tests.
6)Depends only on your self-study.

What are the most important topics for IIT JEE Exam Preparation?

Physics: Newtons Law of Motion, Work Energy Power, Conservation Laws, Rotation Motion, Electrostatics, EMI, Heat and Thermodynamics, Nuclear Physics and Radio-Activity, Semiconductor.
Chemistry:Redox Reactions,Electrochemistry,Chemical Kinetics,GOC,P Block Elements.
Math:Conic Section,P&C,Probability,Quadratic Equation,Definite Integration,Differential Equation,Vector and 3D,Complex Number.