Career of Animation in India

Animation industry has a limitless scope for those who love to create magic. In India, the animation industry is on the path to expanding to experience boom. This boom is further going to grow by the outsourcing of animation project work by Disney and other animation giants to India. Sometimes we don’t understand and mix up the concept of animation with cartoons. A cartoon merely is a drawing of characters with some distinct features. On the other hand, the animation is the art of breathing life into these characters.

What would it cost me for doing an Animation course?

Depending upon the institution and the course you select, the course fee is around between Rs 50,000 to Rs 2,00,000

What is the list of Institutes which provide a scholarship?

1) Aptech Arena provides Kala Srishti Scholarship program
2) The UD School of Animation, Hyderabad offers DiiA (Diversity in India Animation)
3) Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC)

What should be the Salary package you expect for an Animation job?

As a junior animator in animation studios and production house, the starting salary can be in the range of Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 per month
After three to five years you can become a senior animator and demand a monthly salary of Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000
Except this, if you are creative and have the ability of innovative projects, you can gain the payment above Rs 55,000

What are the different roles and different names you can hold in the Animation industry?

1) In between animator- This is the starting position in this industry, and you can learn all the basics of animation
2) Modeler– A person having strong knowledge of form, volume and anatomy
3) Background artist- The job is to paint the background of the characters
4) Layout artist: The person who decides the lighting and camera angles
5) Story Broad Artist: The job is to visualize a series of events from one animation frame to another
6) Clean-up Artist: Act as an assistant to the animator
7) Scanner Operator: The job is to scan the cleanup artist’s drawings
8) Compositor: The task is to bring all the different characters and backgrounds into a single animation frame
9) Character animator: The knowledge of traditional animation and stop-motion animation
10) Particular effect artist: Combine live-action footage with computer-generated imagery
11) Digital ink and paint artist: They must add colors to each frame
12) Keyframe animator: The primary job is to draw the pictures of a movement’s beginning and end
13) Lighting artist: Create color intensity and shadows
14) Image Editor: Bring together the various audio-visual components
15) Rendering artist: Combine models, animation, lighting, textures, etc
16) 2-D Animator: They create a very high volume of separate drawings
17) Texture Artist: They create a surface to the 3-D modeled character, object or environment
18) Rigging artist: Take the modeled, textured 3-D character or object
19) 3-D animator: Take the textured and rigged 3-D model and put life into it.

What are the companies involved in recruiting of Animation?

1) Toonz Animation India
2) Pentamedia Graphics
3) Maya Entertainment
4) UTV Toonz
5) Heart Entertainment
6) Padmalaya Telefilms
7) Nipuna Services Ltd
8) Jadoo Works
9) Crest Communications
10) Silvertoon Studio, Mumbai