Top 6 Best Banks in India

The Banking system is the backbone of every country, and India is not an exception. The Indian Banking system is the most powerful and regulated banking system in the world. Now I am discussing Best Banks in India in terms of customer satisfaction and other factors. The term ‘Best Bank’ varies on region to region and person to person. Now I can select from both public and private sector banks to form a list of 6 best banks in India. Here I am discussing one by one respectively according to several factors:

1) HDFC Bank (BEST BANKING PRODUCTS): The HDFC Bank is one of the most reputed Private sector bank, headquartered in Mumbai.

a) Excellent customer support b) All Banking products c) Best offers & Discounts on eCommerce d) Technologically Advanced & Safe e) Perfect Credit card base

Why should you choose this Bank?

1) Most secured Bank among all private banks in India

2) The international transaction enabled Visa Debit Card. You can activate International Transaction rights from HDFC Bank

3) Good branch network around 4825 branches located at various positions in India

4) Excellent customer service, phone banking support, trained and professional branch staff

5) Excellent Bank for corporate salary Account holders

6) Excellent service for the Current account holders

7) More transparent regarding charges, fees, rate of interest on different loan products

2) Kotak Mahindra Bank (BEST DIGITAL BANK): Kotak Mahindra Bank has around 1265 branches in India and headquartered in Mumbai.

a) Best Digital Bank b) Excellent customer support c) Excellent Banking App d) Excellent Trading Account e) Good Corporate Salary Account  

Why do we choose this Bank?

1) Excellent Internet Banking & Mobile Banking App in India

2) Instant Digital Bank Account with international transaction enabled Virtual Debit Card

3) Good phone Banking service

4) Kotak Moneywatch, Personal Finance Manager

5) High savings interest rate, Auto-swap facility for Current Account balance

3) State Bank of India (BEST BRANCH NETWORK): SBI is the largest Banks in India with huge branch and ATM networks across the country. It’s headquartered is in Mumbai. The Credit Card section of SBI is most prominent and competing with HDFC & CITI Bank.

Why should you choose this Bank?

1) Huge branch and ATM network in all over the country

2) Fees and charges are more transparent and less than private banks in India

3) Best Bank for Home Loan with the lowest interest rate in the market

4) Special Packages for corporate salary Account

5) One of the best internet banking portals in India. Their mobile banking app is also perfect

6) Outstanding offers & discounts programs for SBI credit holders in India

4) ICICI Bank (BEST BANKING TECHNOLOGY):  ICICI Bank was the first bank in India launched Mobile Banking App in the year 2008 and introduced the first contactless debit card in India. It’s headquartered is in Mumbai with 4874 branches all over India. ICICI Bank is one of the largest private sector bank in India.

a) Innovative Banking Technology b) Excellent Mobile Banking App c) Very Good Customer support d) Good ATM & Branch Network e) Excellent Debit Card Rewards Program 

Why do we choose this bank?

1) Most innovative and user-friendly mobile banking and online banking platform

2) Good Branch Network across India

3) Excellent Phone Banking and customer care service

4) ICICI Bank Debit card is International Transaction enabled

5) You can avail all the banking products from a single platform

6) Professional and trained staff to cater your all banking needs

5) Bank of Baroda (INDIAN INTERNATIONAL BANK): Bank of Baroda is the second largest bank in India in terms of asset size. It’s headquartered is in Baroda, Gujrat with 9583 branches all over India.

a) Largest International Branch Network b) Excellent customer support c) Excellent Banking Technology d) Low-interest rate on Retail & SME Loan e) Excellent branch Network

Why do you choose this Bank?

1) Wide branch and ATM Networks after merging with Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank

2) Excellent 3 in 1 Trading cum savings Account

3) Most number of International branches

4) Very low minimum Balance requirement for Savings and Current Accounts

5) Unique mobile Banking App

6) Very Good NetBanking portal

6) Axis Bank Limited (BEST RETAIL BANKING):  Axis Bank is the third-largest Private sector Bank in India with 4050 branches. It’s headquartered is in Mumbai.

a) Excellent Corporate Salary Account b) Zero balance Digital Account c) Excellent Retail Banking products d) Excellent Banking Technology e) Good branch & ATM Network 

Why should we choose this Bank?

1) Largest ATM Networks in India

2) One of the best Digital bank in India

3) Excellent Mobile Banking App

4) International Transaction right enabled virtual Debit Card

5) Multi-currency Forex Cards for International travel

6) Wide ranges of Credit Card

Finally, I am saying that ‘Best Bank’ is a relative word. It varies from factor to factor. Here I am trying to give the details of 6 top most Banks in India for this year.