Top 10 Universities in the World

The QS World University Rankings 2019 has released now. Out of the total no of 1000 world’s best universities in 85 countries, top 5 universities name are discussed below. We need to know the names of the most reputable and renowned Institutions in the world. I am talking about below one by one respectively:

1) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): MIT appears as the world’s highest-ranked university. It holds its position for a record time at a stage the seventh year. MIT also gets its highest score for its reputations with academics and employers.

2) Stanford University: It remains its position from the last year which achieves its best ratings for its reputation among academics and employers

3) Harvard University: Harvard university continues to the third rank in the world in 2019 but remains its first position in the world for both employer and academic reputation

4) California Institute of Technology (Caltech): The smallest university in the top 10, Caltech retains its position fourth in the world. Students benefitted from an excellent student/faculty ratio which ranked fourth in the world

5) University of Oxford: Oxford university remains its position within the top 10 universities in the world. Climbing one place to rank fifth in the world. Faculty/student ratio makes its position different from others.

6) University of Cambridge: The University of Cambridge slips one place in this year’s ranking but achieve higher scores than Oxford for its reputations among academics and employers ranked second in the world after Harvard

7) ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology): Zurich University is the highest-ranked university situated in Switzerland in continental Europe and climbed three places in this year’s ranking

8) Imperial College London: Imperial is ranked eighth in the world and is now London’s highest-ranked university. Like UCL, it does an excellent score for the international students indicator.

9) University of Chicago: The US ‘University of Chicago’ retains its position of ninth in the world this year.

10) UCL (University College London): The UK’s UCL university earns its best score in the academic reputation indicator.