Top 10 Banks in the World

We almost know the performances of Indian Banks. And also remember the top five or six banks which are on the top of the list according to their performances. Now we will identify the achievements of those banks which are the best in the world. Here I am discussing the top ten banks worldwide given below respectively:

1) Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China established in the year 1984. It is the largest bank in the world based on assets. ICBC focuses most of its efforts in the industry, like manufacturing, transportation, power, and retail. Its headquarter is in Beijing, China and total no of employees are 4,60,000

2) China Construction Bank Corporation: The second-largest bank in China also the second largest in the world. CCB founded in the year 1954, and it is one of the oldest banks in China. The headquarter of CCB is in Beijing, China and total no of employees are 3,30,000

3) Agricultural Bank of China: Another Chinese bank, the Agricultural Bank of China ranks third largest in the world. It founded in the year 1951. ABC has many branch locations in Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, London, New York, and many other places in the world. The headquarter is in Beijing, China and total no of employees are 4,44,000

4) Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group: Mitsubishi is Japan’s largest bank holding services group. The company provides a wide variety of financial and investment services, including commercial banking, trust banking, international finance, and assets management services. It’s headquartered is in Tokyo, Japan and total no of employees are 1,06,000

5) Bank of China: Bank of China founded in the year 1912. This bank is not 100% government-owned, but the largest shareholder of the Bank of China is still the investment arm of the People’s Republic of China. It is the second-largest lender in the country. It currently has two locations in the state of New York. The headquarter is in Beijing, China and the total no of employees are 3,10,000

6) J.P Morgan Chase: J.P Morgan Chase is the sixth-largest bank in the world. The company provides products and services to its clients in 100 countries. It offers Asset Management, Investment Banking, Private Banking, Treasury and Security Services, and Commercial banking. Chase is the second newest bank founded in the year 2000. The headquarter is in New York City, New York and total no of employees are 2,45,000

7) HSBC Holdings PLC: HSBC Bank has more than 460 branches throughout the United States with the majority in New York state. HSBC was initially founded in British Hong Kong in the year 1865. The headquarter is in London, UK and the total no of employees are 2,35,000

8) BNP Paribas: BNP is one of the largest global banking networks in the world, with operations in 75 countries. BNP has four domestic retail banking markets located in France, Italy, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The headquarter is in Paris, France and total no of employees are 1,90,000

9) Bank of America: BAC is the largest bank holding company in the United States. The company serves all over the world. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and the total no of employees are 2,08,000. The headquarter of the bank is in Charlotte, North Carolina

10) Wells Fargo: Wells Fargo is one of the largest retail banks of United States. It has almost 9,000 retail locations across the United States. The headquarter of this bank is in San Francisco, California and the total no of employees are 2,70,000

So I am trying to give you the complete information about top ten banks in the world. But it is always true that bigger is not still better. That means any big bank may or may not be a right bank in terms of services.