How to join Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy Officer: First and foremost we will know what is the difference between Merchant Navy and Defense Navy? I think all of you also want to know about the difference. Here I am going to discuss the difference clearly.

What is the difference between the Merchant Navy and Defense Navy?

Merchant Navy, as the name suggests, is the term for commercial marine services. Such commercial activities include both shipping of cargo and people across various destinations in the world. Merchant navy is a purely commercial form of sea career and is governed by both private and governmental shipping companies.

Defense Navy, on the other hand, refers to nations’ maritime military wing. Every nation with a waterline has its own navy service with its own code of rules and stipulations. Thus, a career in defense navy would involve services for the respective country through duty on warships.

>Both merchant navy and defense have deals with ships. While the first one is purely commercial, the second one involves careers of high respect and skills.

What are the courses there to enter after 12th?

To join as a Deck Officer:1)BSc Nautical Science (3 Years)
2)Diploma in Nautical Science (Leads to a BSc Nautical Science. Duration is 1 year)

To join as an Engineer: BE/B Tech Marine Engineering (4 Years)

To join as a Rating after Class X or XII: Pre Sea GP Rating Course (6 Months)
To join in the catering department after Class X or XII:1)Maritime Catering Course (6 Months)
2)BSc in Marine Catering (3 Years)

What is the age limit of Merchant Navy post?

Age Limit: The minimum age is 17 years and the maximum age should not be more than 25 years.

What are other requirements other than qualification?

Physical fitness: Physical fitness is utmost important in this profession. A certificate of fitness is mandatory for taking admission into course. Candidates who are disabled are not eligible for this course.
Eyesight:6/12 in each eye or 6/9 in better eye and 6/18 in other eyes for distant unaided vision. Color blindness, in any case, is absolutely not permitted.

What should be your Educational Qualification?

Educational qualification: If you want to join Merchant Navy then you have to pass class 12 with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.

What is your Nationality to join Merchant Navy?

Male and Female both candidates can apply. They must be unmarried and Indian citizens.

What is the Selection strategies of Merchant Navy?

Selection strategies: There is primarily a screening test and a written examination. After clearing the test you are invited for Interview and a Medical test. In addition, you have to complete the Ship training course before joining an employee.

>I have discussed before that after passing 12 you can do the particular course for a particular post. Now I am giving in detail after 12 and 10 additional courses how will you do as per choice.

How to join Merchant Navy after 12th?

1)B.Sc. Nautical Science

2)B.E. Marine Engineering

3)B.E. Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering

4)B.E. Petroleum Engineering

5)B.E. Mechanical Engineering

6)B.E. Harbour & Ocean Engineering

7)B.E. Civil Engineering

8)B.E. Electrical & Electronics Engineering

9)B.Sc. Marine Catering

10)Electro-Technical Officer Course

How to join Merchant Navy after 10th?

1)Near Coastal Voyage (NCV)

2)Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS

3)Commercial Diving

4)G.P. Rating

What are the Job profiles of Merchant Navy?

1)Deck officer (navigation officer)

2)Electro-technical officer (ETO)


4)Ratings – Ratings are skilled seafarers who help all the officers with daily tasks

5)Catering & hospitality crew (pursers, stewards, chef, housekeeper, etc.)

What is the salary/Pay Package of different posts of Merchant Navy?

A Junior Engineer on a ship can earn around Rs. 30,000 per month with free boarding and lodging while signed on board the vessel. The next level is of Second Engineer and finally, Chief Engineer on a ship. As you keep getting promoted, your salary increases substantially. A Chief Engineer at sea earns Rs. 1.5 lakhs per month

A Third Officer’s salary is around Rs. 50,000 per month plus free boarding and lodging while on board. Next levels in increasing order of seniority are Second Officer, a Chief Officer and Captain of a ship. A Captain’s pay package is Rs. 2 lakhs per month or more net of taxes.

Other important information: Earlier these courses would be different universities across India. After the formation of Indian Maritime University(IMU), most of the recognized courses have come under this University. All the degree and diploma courses are now under one standard University.IMU takes CET(Common Entrance Test), candidates are accepted into the various campuses of IMU and all its affiliated Institutions.