How to get Disabled scholarship scheme in Chhattisgarh

The Government of Chhattisgarh introduced scholarship for the persons with disability name as Disabled Scholarship Scheme. This scholarship assists and promoting disabled children in education and training

What are the Eligibility criteria of this scholarship?

1) You should be a resident of Chhattisgarh
2) Your disability percentage must be of 40% or above
3) You are a regular student of school/college/Technical course
4) The family income of the guardian must be less than Rs 8000 per month

What are the benefits candidates can get under this scheme?

1) From class 1 to 5 Rs 150
2) From level 6 to 8 Rs 170
3) From grade 9 to 12 Rs 190

What is the procedure of submitting the application form?

The application will be submitted in the prescribed format to the District Office of Social Welfare or Janpad Panchayat office through the Head of the Institution

What is the selection process of the candidates?

The District Office Social Welfare has the right to accept or reject the applications

What are the documents required for getting this scholarship?

1) Disability certificate
2) Income proof
3) Age proof
4) School certificate (if they are in the age group of 6-14yrs)
5) Resident test

How will you receive the scholarship?

The monthly payment is credited in the Bank account or post office account or money order in case of remote areas where there is no facility of the post office and Bank