Career in Forensic Science India

Forensic Science is a crucial element of the judicial system for the modern era. Moreover, a keen analysis of the clues collected from a crime scene is vital and fundamental for forensic scientists. Collecting materials from the crime spot, gathering all the clues and converting them to documents, which can be produced in the court are the vital job of a forensic scientist. Besides criminal investigation, there are other options, including teaching and crime reporter for qualified forensic professionals.

Who are the eligible for studying Forensic Science?

Medical science students have a higher advantage to be a Forensic Scientist. Except for this forensic science, the course is also open for BA and BSc students who can do post-graduation in forensic science. Law students can do various diploma or certificate courses offered in forensic science and can work in the Research & Analysis Wing, or crime branch of state police or CBI or Intelligence Bureau.

What would be the cost of the course?

A specialization course in forensic science in India costs between Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 3 lakhs. The fee may vary on the rating of the college. Forensic science courses in Central Universities are offered at low charges.

What are the job prospects of the Forensic Science course?

Most of the jobs are involved in the government sector, particularly in various law enforcement agencies such as police, the legal system, the investigative services of the central government and state governments. Simultaneously, some private agencies too offer job opportunities in this field.

What is the Salary package in Forensic Science?

As most of the jobs in forensic science are in the government sector salaries are strictly based on the structure and pay scale. Those who have postgraduate qualifications in Forensic science earn very high in today’s scenario. Also, private laboratories offer handsome salaries to experienced candidates.

What are the different roles and different names in Forensic Science you have to play?

1) Forensic Pathologists: They determine the time and cause of death in cases of suspected murder or suicide
2) Forensic Anthropologists: Those who have a Ph.D. in Anthropology or a medical degree with forensic science can work as a forensic anthropologist who helps of individuals murdered or killed in disasters like plane crashes, explosions, fire, etc.
3) Forensic Psychologists: The professionals with a degree in psychology can work as forensic psychologists
4) Clinical Forensic Medicine Experts: Such professionals possess a medical degree and postgraduate degree or diploma and work as the examiner of victims of crime.
5) Forensic Serology Experts: These professionals work as an analyst and analyze blood groups, blood, and other bodily fluids.
6) Forensic Chemists: Those who have science degree and specialization in applied or forensic chemistry can work as forensic chemists
7) Dactyloscopists: The most common work of Dactyloscopists is to study fingerprints received from the scene of a crime
8) Forensic linguists: These professionals analyze the content of written or oral communication and identify criminals
9) Toxicologist: Professionals with a qualification in chemistry or biochemistry work on the poison, toxin levels, etc. in body

What are the top Institutes involved in Forensic Science?

1) Institute of Criminology & Forensic Science, New Delhi
2) University of Lucknow
3) Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science, Delhi
4) Dr.Harisingh Gour Vishwa Vidyalaya, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
5) The University of Delhi,
6) Anna University, Chennai,
7) Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Hyderabad
8) Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Chandigarh,
9) Central Forensic Laboratory, Kolkata