Career Choice after ME/M Tech

M Tech stands for Master of Technology. This course is purely Postgraduate technical course after B Tech. After completing M Tech, you can go any of the choices like Research, Job, Teacher, and own organization. I am discussing elaborately one by one:

1) PhD-Doctoral degree after M Tech: If you want to go in the teaching profession or work in the Research & Development field then you must do Ph.D. after M Tech. The job role in the teaching profession is excellent and lucrative also. But there is a challenging environment, no doubt. You have to continuously update yourself according to new technology from time to time.
2) Doing a job after M Tech: In terms of employment, you can get the same job opportunity after passing B Tech. In the industry point of view, the salary package and other issues are the same as compared to B Tech. After M Tech, you can easily find a job in research and development organizations, manufacturing firms, and IT companies as Project Manager, Research Associate, and Senior Engineers.
3) Just go the Teaching Profession: Generally, most of the students can prefer for academic jobs. It is a prevalent trend. Today the education sector is overgrowing. To join in the teaching, professional communication and presentation skills are very crucial. In addition to all of these, the habit of reading books and journals are very much necessary.
4) Start your organization: A very few M Tech candidates aspire to start their organization. If you have the passion for working with dedication and if you are a fearless person with the actual business sense, then everything is welcome.

Specialization in Ph.D.- A Ph.D. holder is always valued and respected. The area of your specialty in M Tech will decide your specialization area for Ph.D. Nowadays inter-disciplinary approach in Ph.D. is popular. It means the candidates can opt for two Ph.D. specializations, where more than one expert will be needed for guidance.
Fellowships: Reputed engineering Institutes like NITs, IITs, and IISC Bangalore have separate funding policies for Ph.D. students. The scholarships range from Rs 19,000 to Rs 24,000 per month.
Pursuing a Ph.D. in abroad: Universities such as Stanford, Pittsburg, Berkeley, and Wisconsin are of high reputation, which is fully equipped with all the modern facilities to complete Ph.D. in a hassle freeway. To pursue Ph.D., students have to take TOEFL and GRE examinations. Germany and Australia are also considered among the preferred destinations to pursue Ph.D. programs. The tuition fee for pursuing Ph.D. from European countries is minimal.