Career after MCA

There are several career scopes for MCA, and depending upon your ability, passion, and interest, you can get the right career option in this field. The different career options after MCA are as follows:

1) App Developer: There is no doubt that we are in the era of mobile apps. This has created the mobile app top-rated for App developers. The role is based on designing, editing mobile application for different OS such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows platforms. Nowadays every company promotes its products and services on mobile. Therefore you can get a pool of chances in this field provided you must have proper skills and knowledge
2) Business Analyst: If you are good at analyzing abilities, problem-solving skills, then business analyst is your correct destination. Being an MCA graduate if your abilities and skills are blended with business analyzing then you are bound to grow in this field
3) Software Developer/Programmer/Engineer: MCA graduate students mostly prefer Software Developer post. Their job is to provide IT services by observing and analyzing client needs and designs software according to their requirements.
4) Troubleshooter: If we see virtually, no company can sustain without a troubleshooter. The primary function of a troubleshooter is to look after the problems of computer hardware and software and makes the technology available for all. In a company, if any IT problem pops up, the job of a troubleshooter is to fix the issue as early as possible. Side by the side the projects are delivered on time
5) System Analyst: A System Analyst studies the current business, business processes, and models to design a better IT solution system in terms of software development for clients.
6) Software Application Architect: If you have right at visualization and imaginative skills, then the role of Software Architect will be an ideal job for you. Software Architects are involved in the process of making high-level decisions in design and architecture for software services.
7) Software Consultant: The role of a software consultant is to evaluate and analyze the business process and provide optimum solution and other feedback to drive the business efficiency.
8) Hardware Engineer: The job of a Hardware Engineer is to work with Computer hardware such as circuit boards, wires, hard disk, printers, computer chips, routers, and keyboards. Hardware Engineers are also involved in the production and testing of hardware equipment
9) Technical Writer: A Technical Writer is responsible for writing technical documents such as User Guides/Manuals, Product Descriptions, White papers, Project Plans, and Design Specifications.
10) Web Designer and Developer: With the rise of the internet and online marketing demand has grown web designing. As a Web Designer, you should be very imaginative and must have excellent visualization skills.

What is the Starting Salary of an MCA Fresher?

The starting salary of MCA candidates varies from individual to individual as it depends on the area of the work. Usually, the entry-level salary of an MCA fresher is listed below:
1) App Developer: Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000
2) IT Assistant: Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000
3) Hardware Engineer: Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000
4) Software Engineer/Developer: Rs 21,000 to Rs 47,500
5) Web designer and developer: Rs 25,000 to Rs 55,000

What are the popular cities for MCA jobs?

The cities of IT hubs are as follows:
1) Bangalore
2) Chennai
3) Hyderabad
4) Mumbai
5) New Delhi
6) Pune

What should be your further study after MCA?

After completing MCA, you can do ME (Computer Science & Engineering). After MCA, you can do a Ph.D. if your interest is in research. There are two options for you as per your interest. I am providing the top institutes for doing a Ph.D. in computer science is as follows:
1) Bengal Engineering and Science University (BESU), Kolkata
2) Department of Computer Science, Banaras Hindu University (BHU)
3) IIT, Delhi
4) IIT, Guwahati
5) IIT, Hyderabad
6) IIT, Kanpur
7) IIT, Mumbai
8) National Institute of Technology Calicut
9) Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research (SICSR), Pune