Airline Jobs 2024 | Flight Attendant Hiring

You can now avail an opportunity to work with the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority since they recently announced some job vacancies but before you submit your resume (CV) for a job at CATSA I would like to tell you about what this department is for so you can get familiar with their operations.

CATSA is basically an air transport and security authority run by the Canadian government at 86 different airports in Canada managing baggage handling, screening of passengers, and administering of ID cards (Source Wikipedia) so if you think your qualification would be suitable for their field of operations then I suggest you to read this article so you would know salary benefits of working with CATSA and get clear information on how you can apply for jobs at CATSA.

Salaries at CATSA Canada in 2024

As per my research, CATSA of Canada is actually paying high salaries to all of their employees in 2024 and when I say high then that means the average salary of CATSA employees was recorded to be CAD$65000/annum (Source Glassdoor) meanwhile if we talk about minimum salary then that is around $40k whereas maximum salary is close to CAD$100k per year.

Job Occupations at CATSA Canada for Employment

Now let’s talk about common job occupations at Canadian CATSA for which you can submit your resume (CV) but before you do so I suggest you get insights on some of their most common job professions because by getting familiar with their type of jobs you will know if you are going to be a good fit for them or not.

So most common job at CATSA is aviation screening officer which is actually responsible for the security clearance of airport passengers and their luggage for making air travel safer and then CATSA has a large number of jobs for communications experts managing CATSA’s communication & IT strategies, media, and public relations. CATSA also has managerial-level jobs where highly experienced and qualified managers play their role in running airport operations smoothly with their RAIC, screening, and maintenance staff.

Job Application Submission Method at CATSA Canada

I am happy to inform my job seeker friends about the application procedure for the jobs announced at CATSA which is online and free of cost but before you start filling out an online job application at the CATSA portal please make sure to have scanned copies of your job application documents such as cover letter, CV, passport, educational degrees with transcripts, driver license, work experience letters, and your security clearance/character certificate documents.

Now let’s talk about how you can try your best to get selected for a job at CATSA and for that, I would suggest you please customize your resume (CV) as per the job description so that your CV markets you as the best suitable candidate to HR of CATSA for hiring.

I am also happy to tell you that there are some internships and student-level job positions available at CATSA as well such as student screening contracts, student operations systems and RAIC, and student maintenance services therefore you can also take a look at these entry-level job positions at Canadian CATSA and if any of these jobs suites your interest and qualifications then do not hesitate to apply.